Let’s Celebrate International Women’s Day! 

I decided to open the ball officially the International women’s day, the most important day for every woman in the world.As you know already or not yet, The idea is to draw portraits of Successful Women and their path, share pieces of work and events around various topics regarding Women, in the aim to show and prove that this world is full of wonderful inspiring souls. If you wonder who I am, what inspired and pushed me to create this project, then I advice you to be attentive to what will comes next!

For today, I made for you a list of 5 inspiring movies, produced by women or talking about incredible women :

  • Wild by Jean-Marc Vallée: This movie deals with the true story about a woman who turn in a depression, addiction and relationship failures further to her mother’s death, killed by the sickness, the only shelter she had. She decided one day to go for 1700km of Hike On the West coast of United States, alone and tortured by her memories, for reborn and try to overcome her biggest fears.
  • A peine j’ouvre les yeux by Leila Bouzid: This movie is a call of Expression Freedom, the path of this young Tunisian singer who wants to break the rules and denounce the issues of her country thanks to Music.
  • Frida by Julie Taymor: The story of Frida Kahlo, Painter and Mexican artist  of XXs who made the difference by her surrealist piece of work, her political commitment and her bisexuality.
  • Les insoumises by Éric Gueret: This journalist follow the path of women who fight with success the violences induced by the Men’s domination and make matter their rights even where there are violated daily.
  • Women are Heroes by JR: Becaue there are victims in time of war and almost discarded to their destiny, JR recognize these women who despite of the misery of Life keep smiling, strength and the will to fight and the hope to see their life becomes better.

Le meilleur pour les femmes,The best for women or simply SOROPTIMIST.

Finally, below the link of Soroptimist website, an international female association made by a woman for help women from everywhere.They work since 1921 to fight for Education Access for ladies, increase the financial autonomy and Women’s leadership, increase awareness about the violences against Women.Use our skills for peace and improve the human’s contions. Inspiring, isn’t it ? Who they are ? A group of skilled women  who decided to use their abilities to help other women.

And you, What mark do you want to left in this world? What’s your dream?







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